Other Religions


The government of Sharjah pursues a moderate religious policy in allowing people of all religions and faiths to practice their faiths freely and without interference. This policy also focuses on promoting a moderate religious discourse through media, mosques and different religious centers and institutions with the objective of uniting people on common grounds. People are free to practice their religious beliefs as long as they do not offend Islam.

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Places of Worship

Filipino International Christian Church

+971 6 5386339

كنيسة الفلبين الدولية

St. Gregorios Orthodox Church

+971 6 5669622


كنيسة القديس سانت جرجس اوردكس

Marthoma Church

+971 6 5669868


كنيسة مارثومة

Union Church

+971 6 5661690

كنيسة الاتحاد

Armenian Church

+971 6 5660320

كنيسة الارمينية

St. Mary's Jacobite Syrian Soonoro Church

+971 6 5663384

كنيسة القديسة سانت ماري يعقوب السورية

St. Michael's Catholic Church

+971 6 5662424

كنيسة القديس سانت ميشيل الكاثوليكية

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