ID Issuance for GCC Citizens

ID Issuance Requirements

  • Valid passport
  • Proof of residency in UAE
  • Colored passport size photo (3.5*4.5) with white background for children under the age of 15
  • Typing Center receipt


  • AED 70 for Typing Center should be paid in cash or through credit card
  • AED 100 should be paid in cash or through credit card for issuance or renewal of ID valid for 5 years for UAE nationals

Application Process

  1. The required documents should be submitted to any Typing Center
  2. The registration fees should be paid at the Typing Center and the applicant should take the receipt
  3. Upon the payment, the applicant will be notified by an SMS about the date and place of registration
  4. At the date of the registration, the applicant must personally visit the Registration Center mentioned in the SMS and submit the Typing Center Receipt along with a valid passport to complete the registration process
  5. When the ID card is ready, an SMS from Emirates Identity Authority will be sent to the applicant to collect the card from the Emirates Post
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Important Information

  • Personal attendance at the Typing Center is not required, but the attendance at the Registration Center is mandatory
  • Use of Colored contact lenses for eyes is prohibited
  • Payment by cheque is not accepted. The payment is in cash or by credit card only