Register Suppliers

Required Documents

  • Fill the registration form in Arabic with the signature and the stamp of the company.
  • A copy of the commercial license and the Chamber of Commerce membership (active).
  • Overview of the company’s activities.
  • A copy of the exclusive agency certificate for the products.
  • Official letter issued by the company stating the bank information the IBAN number and SWIFT CODE.
  • A payment of 200 DHS (non-refundable) for Tahseel Card Fee.
  • A certified copy of the contract for the company’s establishment for limited liability companies.
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  • Only supply after receiving a Purchasing Order
  • The supplier shall deliver the supplies according to the period specified in the Purchasing Order.
  • The supplier shall provide bank insurance for the advance payments.
  • Purchasing Department are notified by an official letter in case there is any change in the company's information, such as the trade name, the bank information, or contact details

Responsible Department

Sharjah Finance Department

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You can get this service electronically by clicking here 

Working Hours

7:30am – 2:30 pm

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Contact Number

  • P.O. Box 201 sharjah – UAE
  • Tel: 06528 8880
  • Fax: 06528 8881
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