Trade Name Issuance


The issuance of a trade name, the first step in the process of issuing a license

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Required Documents

  • License application form
  • Investor registration e-form
  • Photocopies of the valid passports, national ID for UAE nationals and residency for foreigners
  • A no objection letter from the sponsor certified by the Court or Chamber of Commerce in Sharjah for investors who aren’t GCC nationals
  • A No objection letter certified by the Court if the investor is under the age of 21
  • Approval letters from the entities related to the requested activities

Investor’s licenses report if applicable

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How to get it

  • The investor or their representative need to fill the license form with the required information like (license type, legal form, activities, partners) and list the trade names desired
  • If any of the investors was new then he needs to register at the Department’s website
  • The e-form is then presented to the trade names employee with all the required documents
  • The employee registers the trade name’s details and chooses the trade name according to the investor’s preference after making sure the name wasn’t booked by another investor and that it doesn’t go against the rules and regulations
  • If all the names were taken then the investor needs to come up with different names until they find an available one or lets the employee choose a name for them
  • The name is then sent to the inspection section to complete the procedure, or the Municipality if the activity requires that, or the Legal Affairs section or any of the entities which the name needs their approval

Responsible Department

Sharjah Economic Development Department

Working Hours

7:30 am – 2:30 pm

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  • Approval: Dhs1
  • Smart Card: Dhs100
  • Trade name: Dhs50

For Arabic Names, Dhs1250 for translated names, and Dhs2250 for foreign names

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