Promotional Advertising


Issuance of a promotional advertising permit for a license in Sharjah, or in another emirate or for a government entity

This permit includes: Flyers (single page), brochure (more than a page), cloth sign, posters on storefronts and businesses, multimedia CD's, balloon, display stand, and others.

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Required Documents

  • Promotional Advertising Permit form
  • Samples of advertising material (if any) prior to printing, including an Arabic copy, as well as the sizes.
  • A copy of the business license of the press or calligrapher issued and certified by the Sharjah Economic Department.
  • A letter of 'no objection' from the party (body, company, institute) within whose scope (building, trade center, etc) the publications are to be displayed or distributed
  • The presence of the investor or their representative
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How to get it

  • The investor or his representative need to be present
  • The required documents are presented to the Sales and Promotions employee
  • After the procedure is done and the receipt voucher is paid the permit is printed
  • The permit is to be hanged in a clear place in the establishment

Responsible Department

Sharjah Economic Development Department

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Working Hours

7:30 am – 2:30 pm


  • Flyers (One page): Dhs250
  • Brochures (50 pages): Dhs500
  • Brochures(More than 50 pages): Dhs1000
  • Clearance and Sales cards: Dhs50 for every 100 cards
  • Fabric sign: Dhs250
  • Posters: Dhs250
  • Promotional CDs: Dhs250
  • Platform Presentation: Dhs1000
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