Collecting the Deceased Body from Abroad (UAE Nationals)


  • Death certificate issued abroad
  • Passport, Emirates Identity card, Family book, or any other identification document of the deceased
  • Recognized identification document proving the identity of the concerned recipient (deceased relative)
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Application Process

  • Inform the Mortuary Services Section on the date and place of the body arrival.
  • Inquire from the Mortuary services officer about the name and contact number of the driver who will receive and transfer the deceased body from the airport or a border point to the morgue.
  • Identify the deceased body after bringing the coffin to the morgue at either Al Qasimi or Al Kuwaiti Hospitals
  • Fill and sign the "identification and receiving" form; after identifying the deceased in the presence of the staff in charge.
  • Collect the "Burial Permit" to bury the deceased body in Sharjah cemetery, after completing the required procedures
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  • AED 100