Collecting the Amputated Body Parts


  • Passport, Emirates Identity card, Family Book, or any other identification document of the patient or injured person
  • Recognized identification document proving the identity of the concerned recipient (the relative of the patient or injured person)
  • A medical report from the treating physician mentioning the reasons for amputation
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Application Process

  • Visit the main morgue within the healthcare facilities located in either Al Qasimi Hospital or Al Kuwaiti Hospital to follow-up on the amputated body parts preparation and collection procedures.
  • Fill and sign “Receiving the amputated body parts” form in the General Surgeon Department at the hospital so that he/she vows to collect the amputated body part/s within seven days otherwise HAAD is authorized to pursue burial procedure without incurring any liability.
  • Receive the “Burial Permit” to bury the amputated body parts Sharjah cemetery, or the “Cremation Permit” to cremate the amputated body part.
  • Provide a “No-Objection” letter from the concerned police department if the case requires police investigations, stating that there is no objection from their side to collect the amputated body part for burying or cremating purposes.