Employment Contracts

People wishing to work in the UAE are entitled to obtain an employment contract issued and attested by the Ministry of Labour and signed by the employee and the employer.

An Employment Contract, as defined by the UAE Labour Law, is any agreement, either for a limited or for an unlimited period, concluded between an employer and an employee where the employee undertakes to work for the employer and under his management or control for remuneration payable to him by the employer.

The contract should be written in Arabic and may be written in English. The employment contract should state the starting date, type of employment, location, terms and conditions, duration and the salary.

If the employment contract has not been issued by the Ministry of Labour, the employee can prove his service with the employer by any such means of legal evidence such as internal contract concluded between the two parties, appointment letter, payroll or book of attendance, if the employee has one of them.

A copy of the employment contract is kept at the Ministry of Labour (MOL) as a reference. In cases of employment disputes, or end of service, MOL refers to the archived contract copy.

Furthermore, employees and employers can electronically review the contract details by entering the employee's labour card data on the MOL website.

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