Ownership certificate


It is merely a net worth statement of the applicant i.e. if he owns or does not own properties in the emirate of Sharjah.

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Documents required

1- National ID Copy.
2- Passport Copy.
3- Family Book

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1.Fee of AED 110 for the To Whom It May Concern Certificate.
2.Fee of AED 60 for submittal of net worth certificates to some parties, Including:
•Mohammad Bin Rashid Housing Program.
•Ministry of Public Works.
•Directorate of Town Planning and Survey.
•Marriage Fund.
•Rent Dispute Settlement Committee.
•Retired Military Staff Society.
•Armed Forces.
•Supreme Council for Family Affairs.
•All the UAE Municipalities.

The Parties exempted from fees payment:
• Ministry of Social Affairs.
• Sheikh Zayed Housing Program.
• Sharjah Social Services Directorate.
• Sharjah Government Housing Committee.
• Bait Al Khair Charity.
• Mohammad Bin Rashid Charity and Humanitarian Establishment.
• Sharjah Charity International.
• General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowment.
• Emirates Red Crescent Authority.
• All Endowment and Charity Parties.

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Responsible Department

Real Estate Registration Directorate

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Working hours

Sunday to Thursday 7:30-14:30

Contact Details

- Telephone : 06-5104444
- Fax: 06-5288886
- Email: info@shjrealestate.gov.ae

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